Meeting the Cast from Game of Thrones

Interview with Michael McElhatton alias Roose Bolton

Why did you take the role and how did you get it?

I went to many auditions for many different parts in season 1. I love Game of Thrones  because the theme ist fantastic and it is a joy to play in it.

How difficult is it to shoot this series?

I have to play in a moment there is no beginning, no middle and no end like in a movie. I can only play what is given to me.

What do you like about the series?

I like the relationship between me and Ramsey this is very interesting. All relationships between children and their parents in this series are interesting.


Are you a part of season 6?


I haven't even seen the script of season 6.


What do you think about your son Ramsey Bolton?

Ramsey is very useful for me, he helped me and takes the defend for me.

But in the same time I think that Roose is hoping that Ramsey get killed or that he would have another child.


What is the difference between this series and other?


Game of Thrones is totally different to other series. The suspense is incredible also the costumes and the cast.

Its the first series that killed it main character in season one. And you never guess who dies next. So you should never love anybody instead!



Is it easy to get in the role?

Yes because i shoot in Winterfell and it's really there. You can walk through it and then there are 40.000 Horses. This helps when you play your role.


What does a day at the set look like?


A day at set starts at 8am and last until 6pm. There are a lots of takes. But they have money and time and spend it. And this is why this series is so fantastic.


Are the costumes real?


The costumes are really havey. Real metal.


How was the red weeding scene shoot?


It last 5 days to shoot it. Many cuts. And Rob and his mother played for many years in this series and there where many emotions when they left.


How is it to be part in a series for such a long time?


We shoot 10 episodes in 5 month. Mostly one scene is done at one day. And not all actors are in all episodes. So one actor take part in 5 episodes mostly. And they can start shooting in july and then coming back in september.

It's a big plot and all scripes arive at once. For season 6 it should arrive any day yet.

When you have to describe the plot to someone who doesn't whatches the series, how would you describe it?


Fantasy. But I don't see it as fantasy. It's more a Family/drama with complex characters.

We hate a character and a few seasons later we love them.


When you watch it are you shocked to see what happend?


Yes it still shockes me. And I watched it whether I know the plot and I am exited.


Is it too brutal? Or is it necessary to be so brutal?


You life and you die. It's a brutal world. Violence should be shocking and it is. 


Did you meet the author?


Yes once at breakfast. He said the whole time "I really need to go writing."


Do you want to be in all seasons?

Yes of couse. I get to work with people I like. It woud be very interesting to do it till the end, but we know we wont.


Favourite storyline?


All. But in season 3 the storyline between Jamie and Bryan.


Did Snow comes back?


I dont know but anything can happen.


How are the children actors?


I only shoot with Sansa and I know that she likes how her role changed. They are all wonderful actors.


Which one was the most shocking death?


Ned Stark. And the red weeding was a big shock too I jumped from the couch.


When Roose Bolton dies, which death would he prefer?


Dragon fight or killed by a white walker. But burned to death by a dragon would be nice.


Why is Roose Bolton not on Aryas list?


I don't know. Killed by Arya would be good too. Or Arya on a dragon or on  a white walker.


Do you hate Ramsey?



But as Bolton I see it as a strange/weird relationship. Roose dont hate him, he use him. But he dont trust Ramsey or respect him and his sadistic side.

He would like him to be more politic.


Who deserves to be on the throne?


Nobody deserve it in the moment. But I am shure things will change. John Snow rise in his leadership qualities and was the only one who had deserved it.


Are you proud of Ramsey?


He is my only son. Roose wants to keep the House Bolton alive. Blood lines has to be carried on. And this is more important than any other thing. But Roose says "You are my son" and this is the closest Ramsey could get to "I love you"


Do you have any plans for the summer?


We have a shedule from the series but until now we didn't get it. But I want to go to france.